Peter the Peach and Oscar the Orange

Peter and Oscar were the best of friends.
They played all day ‘til the day’s end.

They danced in sun, and they splashed in the rain.
They had a grand ole time every day.

They wrestled in mud, and they swung in the trees.
Peter and Oscar were thick as thieves.

One gloomy doomy day, a new kid came to town.
He was lumpy, grumpy, mean, and brown.

Parker the Potato was his name.
He bullied all kids just the same.

He had no fear, he was big and strong.
Everything he did was awful and wrong.

He bruised the Apples, Bananas, Kiwis, and Pears.
He made them all cry, but he didn’t care.

Peter and Oscar had to do something.
They couldn’t just sit and watch and do nothing.

They thought and thought and thought some more.
What could they do to settle the score?

Bake him? Mash him? No, that wasn’t it.
None of this mischief seemed to fit.

Fry him? Hash him? No, that wouldn’t do.
What could they plan? They hadn’t a clue.

Then a light lit up in Peter’s head.
“We could fly him out!” Peter said.

“On a bird? On a plane?” Oscar asked.
“A Potato cannon,” Peter replied at last.

Oscar agreed, so they gathered the gang.
They’d make sure Parker went out with a bang!

They collected the materials to make the device.
They were filled with excitement. This was going to be nice.

But how would they get him into the trap?
He wouldn’t just walk in; he was too smart for that.

They could use food to lure him in.
But what did he eat? Let the thinking begin!

They thought up all sorts of different treats.
But Potatoes liked none of them. Not even the sweets!

Then Adam the Apple had a the most marvelous thought.
“They eat it all the time, especially when they’re hot!

“Bacon bits, chives, and, of course, sour cream.”
“Don’t forget the cheese!” Polly the Pear screamed.

They made a long trail that led into the cannon.
And soon enough inside the cannon is where he was standin’.

Kylie the Kiwi lit the fuse with care.
Then BOOM! Parker went flying through the air.

The Apples and Bananas all hollered and cheered.
The Kiwis and Pears had nothing to fear.

Parker the Potato was gone for good.
Now everyone ran to where the heroes stood.

They lifted Peter and Oscar high.
They saw Parker in the distance and waved goodbye.

They set the two down then moved on with their days.
And Peter and Oscar ran off to play.