When a Student Teaches Me a Lesson in Humility

Today was one of those days that “frustrating” doesn’t even begin to capture what it actually was. I have a student that was being extremely stubborn. She has made it a habit to do something that will potentially harm her. Since we have noticed this behavior, we have tried to redirect her, tell her why we don’t want her to do it, we give her consequences, etc. We have told her that we’re telling her this because we don’t want her to get hurt. Her response is to show us everything but gratitude and understanding. Instead, she either laughs at us and continues to do the behavior, or she just gets mad and starts to rebel. Leaving work today, my frustration level was as high as it’s ever been.

Then God spoke.

That’s you. You can be stubborn but I love you still. You rebel, but I love you still. You make light of my warnings and continue to disobey, but I love you still. I know what’s best for you, even if you don’t see it in the moment. I love you.

To say I was humbled is an understatement. I’m human and I frustrate so easily. However, I serve a God that loves me regardless of how I act. It doesn’t mean He approves of what I do, but He loves me unconditionally. There is literally nothing I could do to make Him love me more or less than He already does.

Because of this, I want to love Him through my actions and words even more.

Gosh, He’s so good at humbling me. It’s frustrating. Ha.

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