The Concert

I really love listening to a really good orchestra or concert band. When I was in band in middle school and freshman year of high school, I loved concert band way better than marching band. I played trumpet, and I actually enjoyed practicing at home and learning the music. However, there were times when I got home with a fresh piece of music and I had no idea how it was supposed to sound in the context of the whole band. There were some pieces where I would literally be silent for a seemingly endless amount of time. And there were times that the music was supposed to speed up, sometimes slow down; sometimes I would have the melody, and sometimes I would have one of the harmonies. And sometimes, I had no idea what part I was supposed to have; all I knew is that I should probably learn the music as written and wait and see how it fits into the rest of the concert, because I knew that in the end it would be beautiful. I just had to play my part.

God has created each one of us as if we were part of a large concert band. There are times in life when I have no idea how my life is significant in the grand scheme of humanity. But every once in a while, I get a glimpse. I can hear the music, albeit a small sampling of the music. And it’s beautiful.

Sometimes, we get so caught up in trying to figure out the larger picture that we fail to master our part. We try too hard to get into the mind of the Conductor that we fail to watch and listen to Him and just play our part. There are times when we will have the melody. In the spotlight. However, more often than not, we’ll usually have to play one of the several harmonies. Too often we try to play the wrong part and we end up just making noise and not fitting in the music how we were meant to fit. And oftentimes, we know we’re supposed to be playing one of the harmonies, but after hearing the melody, we get distracted and try to play the melody. Play your part.

There are times when life speeds up, and other times it slows down.  And sometimes, life seems silent. Sometimes it crescendos into a resounding roar, sometimes it decrescendos into a gentle, nearly inaudible whisper. Play your part.

Other times, we don’t need to play anything at all. We just wait. Just wait and listen. Listen to when our part comes back in. In those moments of waiting we allow others to take the spotlight. We could play the most amazingly technical solo during that rest time, but even if we play something amazing, out of turn it just sounds… like… noise. Play your part.

Your part is significant. Even if it’s the harmony. Even if it’s the off-beat. Even if it’s silent. Your part is significant.

Play your part in the concert.