Free Indeed!

A.W. Tozer is the man. I’ve just recently begun reading his book, Reclaiming Christianity, and it’s encouraging my spirit in so many ways. And I’m only 30 pages into it. This is an excerpt from it that I felt that I needed to share:

All right, Christians, if you are truly born again and truly love Christ, do you see where that puts you? Do you see that you are something new in the universe, something different in the population? You are a privileged and honored person, you are rich and under God, you are wonderful. Therefore, you ought to thank Him and continue to thank Him. 

That deep inward defeat can be cured only by an equal inward release. When the Lord releases a man, he is free; and until he is released, you cannot sing him free, you cannot pound him free, you cannot preach him free and you cannot get him free any way known to mortal man. Yet the Church spends millions of dollars every year putting on religious stuff in order to try to get people free. One simple act of the Holy Spirit will free a man; free him forever and and turn him loose. And you can go to God and get bold about it.

We are free! We have to realize that, while it was us that made the decision, no amount of coercing, Bible thumping, programs, etc. will cause anyone to make that same decision. It’s only God and God alone that does that. Oftentimes, we simply need to get out of the way and let the Holy Spirit do His thing. 

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