Two Pennies

Today was a day off of work, but all teachers had to go to an in-service training and paraprofessionals (this is what I am) had the option of going or taking the day off. I went. Some of it was interesting, talking about how to better provide an effective education for our special ed students and whatnot. But the majority of it was brutal. So instead of boring myself with listening to all the jibber jabber, I thought. And oftentimes when I think, I write. Lucky for you.

First Thought
We need to start thinking outside the box. This can apply to a number of different situations and fit several different contexts, but regardless, thinking outside the box is what we need to do. For this illustration, I will use a light bulb to represent thought. Light bulbs (thoughts) can shine brighter and are infinitely more useful when they are outside of a box. Also, boxes have definite, set-in-stone boundaries. But when thoughts are outside of the box, the limit is the cosmos. This is where real thinking can begin.

A penny for my thoughts.

Second Thought
We as humans are such a complex network of systems and synapses. An interaction of bodily functions that work together in perfect harmony to allow us to operate properly. Or at least semi-properly. At the same time, we are all so different. We all have stories and unique personalities that may or may not be a composite of past experiences. There is a sameness and a connectedness to humanity that is nothing short of a beautiful reality. But our differences. Now, that’s where the true beauty lies.

Two pennies.