How to be an Artist

            While rummaging through the countless shelves of books for sale at Borders’ “Going Out of Business Sale,” I stumbled upon what some might call, a gem. Had I not already purchased a book and lunch, I would have bought this book myself. If not for my own reading and visual pleasures, then surely for someone who I knew would enjoy it. I almost regret not buying it, now that I think of it. The book is called Drawn To Life: 20 Golden Years of Disney Master Classes by Walt Stanchfield. What are the odds of another Walt being involved with a Disney product? I had that thought when I read the author’s name. It’s a pretty substantial piece of work, with close to 400 pages of artwork and instructions, and one can view most of it on Amazon. I’ll post the link at the end; I’m not a fan of random hyperlinks in the middle of a bunch of words. But that’s besides the point. The point of this whole shebang is that while browsing and fingering through the pages of this book, I stumbled upon instructions on how to be an artist– hence the title. I really enjoyed it and may take a few of these suggestions and put them into practice. Not because I hope to one day become an artist; I’d do them just for the fun of it. I thought I would share them with all of you who may happen to read this. Enjoy. 

How To Be An Artist
Stay loose. Learn to watch snails. Plant impossible gardens. Invite someone dangerous to tea. Make little signs that say Yes! and post them all over your house. Make friends with freedom & uncertainty. Look forward to dreams. Cry during movies. Swing as high as you can on a swing set. By moonlight. Cultivate moods. Refuse to “be responsible.” Do it for love. Take lots of naps. Give money away. Do it now. The money will follow. Believe in magic. Laugh a lot. Celebrate every gorgeous moment. Take moonbaths. Have wild imaginings, transformative dreams, and perfect calm. Draw on the walls. Read every day. Imagine yourself magic. Giggle with children. Listen to old people. Open up. Drive in. Be free. Bless yourself. Drive away fear. Play with everything. Entertain your inner child. You are innocent. Build a fort with blankets. Get wet. Hug a tree. Write a love letter. 

As promised: