Billy and His Moon

Billy lives alone
In an alley
Maybe on a street corner
Wherever he lands
At the end of the day

His father, brutally murdered
And his mother, a runaway
Never to be found again

Friends. What friends?
Nobody cares for this tramp

A wanderer by day
And a street rat by night
The only constant presence in Billy’s life
Is that moon in the sky

His sole companion.

And even that leaves him alone sometimes
But he knows it’ll be back soon
Unlike the others

Early in the morning
His friend’s harsh twin sister—
Fraternal twin—
Wakes him from his stupor
Nearly burning his face

Billy immediately notices the absence
Of the white, billowy (sometimes wispy) curtains
That often cloud the view
Of his nighttime friend

He fills with excitement
Because he knows
When the night comes
He can once again reunite
With his old albino pal.

But until then, he wanders

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